Plumbing Repair, Pipe Installation & Cleaning Services in Vail

Plumbing Repair, Pipe Installation & Cleaning Services in Vail

Vail Plumbing features trained, knowledgeable plumbers who can solve any issue. Whether you are facing a flooded basement, battling an overflowing toilet, needing to correct a major pipe malfunction, or seeking to clear a clogged drain, our crews have the answer. We have earned an A+ rating from BBB, the highest industry standard, for our superior services in Vail, AZ and its surrounding communities.

With certified professionals standing by to help on a 24/7/365 basis, as well as scheduled maintenance for your entire plumbing system, Vail Plumbing offers the gamut of services when you need plumbing repair, water heater installation, pipe cleaning, pipe installation, water filtration, toilet installation & repair or something else in the Greater Tucson, AZ area!

Our lengthy list of available services also includes pipe routing, pipe clearing, winterization services and much more!

Plumbing Services Offered by Vail Plumbing in Vail , AZ

When you need help with a clogged drain, a leaky appliance, a broken facuet or something else, the proven professionals from Vail Plumbing stand ready to help at a moment's notice in Vail and its surrounding cities. Some of the most popular services we provide for our customers in Arizona include:

Contact Vail Plumbing for Pipe Repair & Water Filtration in Vail

When you need the help of a plumber in Vail and throughout the Greater Tucson, AZ area, you need help fast. That is why the proven professionals from Vail Plumbing stand ready on a 24/7 basis to responded with top-quality plumbing repair, installation, cleaning, and unclogging services. When you need our help, contact Vail Plumbing online today or give us a call at 520-217-1292 to get more information or to set up an appointment!

Completed Jobs from Vail
Nancy M.
December 28, 2020

Total for entire scope of work., Pressurize system for inspection and to test for leaks., Back fill all open trenching., permits and inspection., Supply new 2" gas line in ground and to be exposed on back wall over to new pool heater., Excavate trench from gas meter under one fence and up to backyard wall., Rake back land scape to prepare for new trench., Return landscape to its original condition., Final hook-up to pool heater when ready.

Ryan J.
December 29, 2020

Supply and install naturalsof NS-1 water conditioner. Parts and labor included., Supply and install naturalsof whole house filtration system.Cartridge replacement will have to be once a and labor included., Supply and install new 50 gallon natural gas tank water heater includes disposal and all parts needed to complete job.

Steven F.
January 29, 2021

Plumb in new water lines for a customer supplied pool outdoor shower., Install new customer supplied shower valve and move existing shower head up 4"., Demo garden tub plumbing Waste and Water., Supply and install comfort series recirculation pump with timer., Remove 2 existing lav faucets and disconnect drains., Re-install 2 lav faucets onto new vanitys and connect drain and water., Remove existing kitchen sink and disconnect water and drain lines. Also hook up new sink drains and customer supplied faucet.Reconnect R.O. System., Replace automatic studer vent in kitchen., Replace all angle stop shut off valves and supply lines to all fixtures.

Tuhavi Corporation
December 9, 2020

Install customer supplied shower valve and accessories., Cut and remove concrete without disturbing post tension cable for new tub and new shower location., Concrete repair to be done by others., Supply and install new waste and vent for new tub and new shower., Install customer supplied tub valve., Includes all final trim work., Post tension cables to located by others.

Desert State Renovation
December 11, 2020

Install all customer supplied fixtures including tub and shower valves., Supply and install new water line from meter location to guest house and to tie into existing connection at meter., Supply and install new under ground waste and vent system to accommondate all plumbing in guest house build., Excavate all trenching needed to complete all under ground piping., Total for entire scope of work., Supply and install all waste and vent systems needed for intermediate plumbing inspection., Backfill and compact all open trenching after inspections., Supply and install all above ground piping and stub outs for water system., Tie new sewer from guest house to septic tank if distance to septic is 60 feet or less.

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