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Allen Schwartzberg “the Arizona Waterman” and owner of Vail Plumbing standing in front of a Vail Plumbing service truck

Hi, I’m Allen Schwartzberg “the Arizona Waterman” and Owner of Vail Plumbing.

I am a third-generation plumber born and raised on Long Island New York. I learned plumbing from my father by working alongside him on summers and weekends. In those days, most of the work was done by hand—digging long trenches with hand tools is quit the workout, and that’s to say nothing about the heavy cast iron pipe we had to lug around! I learned the plumbing trade through years of hard work on everything from small residential remodels to complex 20-story apartment buildings.

I started my own business on Long Island in the 1970s. We did all sorts of work, but the most memorable was installing the plumbing for the Omni Building, a ten-story high rise.

I came to Arizona in 1994 and started a new business: Tricore. We did all kinds of new construction all over Tucson, but the work I’m most proud of are the extensive infrastructure upgrades we did on Davis Monthan Airforce Base. Over the years, we also did a lot of work on the many Indian Nations around Arizona including the Apache, Tohono O'odham, and Navajo nations.

When I came to Arizona, I already had decades of experience but right away I discovered something new. After digging up old cast iron pipe, I found that Arizona’s hard water was eating through the bottom of the pipes—something I’d never experienced back in New York. After replacing dozens of water mains and doing more whole home re-pipes than I can count, I became determined to find a solution to these hard water problems. That is when I started investigating water treatment systems and took my first step toward become the “Arizona Waterman.”

I founded the Arizona Waterman, also doing business as Vail Plumbing, and started installing water treatment systems. Making sure my neighbors and community are drinking the best possible water is my passion. To that end, I like to educate people on the benefits of water treatment systems over the more common, but inferior, salt-based systems.

Overtime we have expanded to include a state-of-the-art, three-coat epoxy trenchless pipe repair system to help solve other problems caused by hard water but also root incursion, and poor original installation. Those issues can make life miserable enough, but to repair them used to require excavation. But now with our trenchless solution, if a pipe runs under a house, driveway, or other area where trenching would be invasive or destructive, we can perform the repairs directly inside the pipe with no need for digging!

When I’m not working as the Arizona Waterman, I love walking my Rhodesian Ridgeback Buddy on long hikes through the beautiful Sonoran Desert. I also like to go fishing where I am always joined by happy memories of raising horses on our old farm in upstate New York.

Benefits of Our Plumbing Services for Customers in the Greater Tucson Area

Vail Plumbing features fast, reliable plumbing services performed by trained professionals. You can count on our high-quality repairs to be completed quickly and at customer-friendly prices for homeowners in the Old Pueblo. When you deal with Vail Plumbing, you know you are dealing with a company that features:

  • The Best Water Filtration System Available for Your Home of Office
  • Expert, Local Trenchless Repair Services
  • Scheduled Maintenance of Your Entire Plumbing System
  • Knowledgeable, Professional Plumbers
  • More Than a Decade's Worth of Satisfied Customers
  • Much, much more!

Vail Plumbing - Your First Choice for Professional Water Main Replacement

We offer free expert water main services in Tucson, Catalina, Marana, and the Greater Tucson, AZ area. We are licensed, insured and bonded to work in the state of Arizona. Call us today at 520-217-1292 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.

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