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Guaranteed Green Technology for Hard Water Scale Prevention

NaturalSof provides an industry proven catalytic solution for limescale prevention as an alternative to conventional ion exchange systems (water softeners). The NaturalSof unit does not soften water by removing healthy calcium like a water softener. NaturalSof does not add anything to your water either. It uses the natural properties of calcium carbonate (water hardness) to our advantage by changing it into a soft, non-bonding calcium crystal which will not stick to surfaces or form limescale inside appliances and heaters.

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We are the experienced and knowledgeable plumbers of Southern Arizona, specializing in the installation and repair of sewer lines, water mains, and water treatments systems for residential, commercial, and managed properties.

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How Plumbing Once Saved the World

Vail Plumbing examines how plumbing once saved the world. When you need plumbing installation or repair in Tucson or Vail, AZ, be sure to contact Vail Plumbing.

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Getting the Job Done Right the First Time is Our Priority!

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